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  • Regularization in Spain through family roots procedures

In Spain, a residence permit may be granted to foreigners who can prove continued permanence in Spain for a minimum period of three months, or when the children of a parent with Spanish roots are involved, on grounds of family roots in situations related to employment.


  • Family Reunification

Family ReunificationIn our country, it is possible to obtain a temporary residence permit which may be granted to family members of foreigners resident in Spain, by virtue of the right to family reunification.  To do so, it is necessary to fulfil many requirements, which a Gestor Administrativo can explain to you.


  • Family Reunification

Family members of a Spanish citizen or those of another EU Member State or another State party to the European Economic Area or Switzerland, whose nationality does not belong to one of these States, must apply for and obtain an EU Citizen’s Family Card when they are reunited with the family member or accompany him/her and are going to reside in Spain for a period in excess of three months.


  • Renewal of different Residence Permits

Always rely on GA to carry out and facilitate all of your paperwork related to Immigration. Renewing your temporary residence permit and working under contract can be easy if you are accompanied by a Gestor Administrativo.


  • Exchange of Driving Licenses

A Gestor Administrativo can apply to exchange your driving license from countries like Algeria, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Philippines, Guatemala, Macedonia, Morocco, Nicaragua and a long etc. Furthermore, there are exceptions that require specific procedures and the GA can help you with all of them.


  • Nationality

This method of obtaining nationality requires the applicant to have resided legally and continuously in Spain for ten years immediately prior to the application. Furthermore, there are cases in which the period of residence required is reduced. Visit a Gestor Administrativo, who will be able to inform you fully

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